Meet the Horses

Our horses are all traditional or gypsy cob type, they are not a breed as such but this type has been bred for work for many centuries.

The horses are very tough and hardy able to live out all year round. They are extremely agile with a brisk working speed which means they are ideal for the work they do.

All four horses were trained by us and their ability to work as a single horse , pair or all together makes them more versatile.

We don't shoe our horses any more; they are 'Barefoot'. Crunchie was inspired to try this method by some friends he met whilst working horses in Canada.

Other than a trim and a tidy up every few weeks, it is fairly low maintenance. We have also found that it causes less damage to the ground (and each other should they give a kick!) and we never have the problem of losing shoes in the wood!


SnippetSnippet, 7yrs, moody mare, likes to boss the others but will work hard when asked!


WoodyWoody, 10 yrs, speed machine, with real power.


HollyHolly age 9. strong and steady pace.


IvyIvy (Holly's daughter) 4yrs old.